Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day #18 - Movies, movies, and a great thrift store find

Today we went to the free movies and saw Curious George. Most of the kids hadn't seen it yet, so that was a treat. Then, we went to the thrift store, just to pick up a blanket, and I found the greatest hoodie for Dominic. He is obsessed with his hoodie and the poor thing has holes and stains all over. So, I have been searching for the perfect new hoodie for him. So far, he had been dissatisfied with everyone until today. I found a BRAND NEW Pirates of the Caribbean hoodie in an Adult S with the $44.00 Disneyland price tag for $2.50! Now, the first thing I was thinking was eBay! But, Dom fell in love with it, and I was thankful for that! He was happy, which makes me happy.

Then, it was one home to watch Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Poor Ari had been looking forward so much to watch it, but was disappointed that it deviated so greatly from the book. She has read all of the books at least twice, so she had high expectations. I enjoyed the movie, but of course, I haven't gotten around to reading the books yet.

Tonight Justin chose purple as his bath color. I made soap finger paint and dyed the bath purple by letting him mix the red and blue food coloring. He loved it!

Preschool / Toddler Bath Time Fun

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day #15 - Saturday Fun

Today there was so much going on that we really couldn't cover it all! This morning we went to the Hemet library where they were having a centennial celebration and walked through the Farmer's Market on Harvard Street. I love downtown Hemet, even though it is not what it was when I was young (nothing every is, is it?). The kids got free balloons and I bought some honey sticks for them. Ari got a Mexico hair bow to wear tomorrow for the game against Argentina.

Then it was on to Michaels to pick up some face paint, and Ari did the free patriotic craft that they were doing. The boys were a bit disinterested. Then, it was on to meet a friend and watch the USA v Algeria game with painted faces and blue hair! The boys looked so cute even though we were finally eliminated from competing for the World Cup. All in all, it was a great day.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day #14 - And the kids left early

This morning started out great. We hit a thrift store with 60% off sales throughout the store. Justin went on a shopping spree, buying a pair of shoes, a hat, and some type of finger puppet. Then their father called and said he had left work early, which is good, but I didn't get to do much with them after that. So, I came home and started baking and getting ready for our day tomorrow. I made more brownies, ice cream sandwiches, banana bread, and a new batch of bubble solution. Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day #13 - Summer Reading Programs

Today was a busy day. We had lots of errands to run, we stopped by a thrift store, and two libraries to sign up for the summer reading programs for the kids. and ran ourselves ragged in the 95 degree heat. Glad to be home. :)

First, we went to the Hemet Library and signed up for their summer reading program. Because it was the first day to sign up, there was a woman there making very intricate balloon animals and other things. The boys got bow and arrows (which of course they popped already) and Ari got a cute ladybug to wear on her wrist.

Justin watching the balloon lady do her thing
 Justin and Gavin playing with their bow and arrows
Ari's Ladybug

Next, we went to the Hemet Hospice Thrift Store down on Harvard and Justin found a hat.

 Justin and Gavin looking for books on CD/tape
Ari reading at the Valle Vista Library

Today we had a great time with free fun and I will be adding the upcoming events at both libraries to my Google Calendar. I am so excited about going back. Saturday there is a centennial celebration at the Hemet Library and we will turn in our first reading logs at the Valle Vista library. Tomorrow we will be home all day until their father picks them up to spend the night, so I have plenty of things planned.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day #12 - More Movies and Pizza Box Fun

Today was busy! First we went to the movies and saw Alvin and the Chimpmunks: The Squeakquel at Regal Cinema for free. Kids had a blast and I remembered to spend less at the concession stand. Total spent: $5.75 on a large, free refill soda. We ran a couple errands, then came home to build a Solar-Powered Pizza Box Oven. We had so much fun cooking mini pizzas and eating them too!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day #9- Home Sweet Home

Today was all about organization. The kids helped clean out things that we don't need and organize what we do. We live in such a small space, it is absolutely important to make sure that we use the space to its potential. I had picked up a bookcase about a month ago and still hadn't bought it in the house. So today, we cleaned it up, made a space for it, and filled it with out books. I could only fit the first three shelves in the pic, but it is six shelves.

I also went through all of the kids' clothes and made bags for Caleb from Justin's clothes, put Ari's old clothes in a donation bag, and moved Dominic and Gavin's clothes down the line to the next available sibling or put them in bags to donate too. One of my favorite things to do is de-clutter and it is fun to get the kids excited about it too.

They are all asleep now. They were busy helping, but they had fun too. Gavin and Justin put on their swim trunks and played in the water, Ari read and picked up her cup and saucer she made at Painted Earth, and Dominic, well...he slept...and is now playing Call of Duty with his friends online on the PS3 (that we are borrowing). Here is a picture of Gavin and Willy sleeping now and a picture of Ari's cup and saucer.

Day #8- Michaels and More

Today we went to Michaels and made cards for Father's Day tomorrow. Gavin, Ari, and Justin each made a card for their dad and we also raided the $1 section for goodies to keep us busy. We then headed to Second Hand Treasures in Temecula to see what else we could find. Found a hoodie for Dominic and it was 1/2 off for Father's Day (all men's clothing was 1/2 off), book for myself (50 cents), and a stuffed Spongebob toy for Justin (50 cents).

We then came home and I made hamburgers, fries, and chocolate shakes while they watched our movie that we borrowed from the library; Inkheart. So much fun!